an authentic storyteller, a humble learner of nature.

The answer is the Style.

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For the past year, I’ve been exploring tremendously hard on my instinct—-at some point quite a philosophical quest on discovering the self and truth. Numerous times I’ve been asking myself about my desire, my passion and my lust, and all conclude to key words like “curating”, “storytelling”, “creating beautiful self-expression”, etc.
Starting from these, I’ve been learning everything about them, from every possible disciplines, like curation from theological history and museum profession; or storytelling from legendary writers desperate on inventing new narratives and cutting-edge algorithm from super-smart engineers proud of big data mining; or artists and designers who are keeping up with the trend on incorporating technology and art seamlessly. Along this way, I’ve been amazed at how overwhelmingly big this world is, as well as how ignorant I am.
Still, reminiscent of those several few moments I have been truly awed from the deepest within—Aaron Koblin’s TEDTalk on visualizing airlines across atlantic in one day and crowdsourcing Johnny Cash’s music video; The everlastingly wonderful magazine “Monocle” and it’s creator Tyler Brûlé’s quotations; New season shows from Clare Waight Keller’s Chloe or Raf Simon’s Dior, etc; Two unforgettable TED conference experience in UK and US; Fashion photo series with elegant models delivering extremely violent, powerful, authentic expressions and gestures; Musical movies like Chicago, Les Miserables, and even animations like Frozen and Rio 2. No doubt in essence all of them are connected profoundly with the concept of curation and storytelling, still until now I realize to a deeper level on why them, rather than general “transforming big data into big understanding” approach, is that they have “Style”.
Style, is a creation of beauty, a wisdom of emotion, and a manner of distinction. Style, is why I am so personally intrigued with curation.
Tyler Brûlé, the creator of Monocle Magazine, once said: “A Magazine, is a contemplative experience, perhaps best enjoyed in physical form, untethered from the need to charge batteries. It is also a label, to be displayed proudly, like designer luggage.” Creating these timeless icons of style, regardless of formats—a book, a collection, a magazine, a show, a festival, a conference, an exhibition—-as well as their common goal of intruding and influencing other people’s minds, or even provoking real changes to the world, make up the majority of my desire.
So where can I find the Style?
This is traced back to Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk on capturing tail of creativity from the upper sky. Inspiration, as always, flows down randomly. That’s the forever pain of a true creator. You can always read and learn whatever possible, but when you end up creating something on your own, you might go through the unbearable sufferings of methodologies from input to output.
However, this procedure provides a solution—armed oneself with Reasons. Creating, no matter what it is, needs to be dealt with physical boundaries and technology evolutions. No matter whether it’s an entrepreneurial business, an unprecedented art work, or a brand-new electronic invention and convoluted algorithm, there’s always a necessity to construct the infrastructure, to ultimately fill in the content. A real creator, in this regard, is multi-faceted, open-minded, cross-disciplinary, curious with surroundings, owning a complete world view as well as a full-spectrum value system, and more importantly, the capability of putting things together.
This is a better explanation for Data&Story.


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在我大部分时间都是一个人的小时候,除了写作业,总会做两件事,看书和画画。(当然,虽然画画大部分时间是跟着二十几枚小朋友被老师拉出去画草垛和菊花,但每次也都是一个人一句话不说蹲至少三小时,还因为学的是油画,颜料几乎洗不掉,家里人为此非常崩溃,所以后来每次都非常尴尬地穿同一件衣服出去。)后来才觉得当时找到了一个最好的平衡—-看书是输入,画画是输出。少了任何一个,兴许我后来就无法顺利成长。也是在很长一段时间,我母亲总会灌输我未来要当科学家的时候,我总说我长大了想写童话和画画。当时从最简单的插画配文字的王子公主happy ending,逐渐过渡到砖头般的叶君健任溶溶全译的安徒生。而画笔下,也从那些静态写生,过渡到最后拿奖的布满星球宇宙里长了翅膀的孤独女孩。讲故事,在那时候我的眼中,就是想象中的世界,可以同时用文字和画笔来表达,书页是流动的传说,帆布是静止的时光。

此后,也就很少想关于讲故事的事情。直到2010年开始和Joey正式地把TEDx当业余爱好玩起。那时候我们的title叫策展人(Curator),所做的事情除了一般意义上的组织一个活动,还需要为这个活动添加一个主题并邀请能基于这个主题展开探讨的讲者,来吸引观众。也是在不久之后,第一次听说策展人其实还有另外一个称谓,叫Storyteller(讲故事的人)。也是在那一年认识了Jason,他还为这个title找到了理论依据,来自全球顶尖创意咨询机构IDEO的Tom Kelley的《创新的十个面孔/The Ten Faces of Innovation》。这上面对讲故事的人(Storyteller)的定义是这样的:

The Storyteller captures our imagination with compelling narratives of initiative, hard work, and innovation. This person goes beyond oral tradition to work in whatever medium best fits their skills and message: video, narrative, animation, even comic strips. By rooting their stories in authenticity, the Storyteller can spark emotion and action, transmit values and objectives, foster collaboration, create heroes, and lead people and organizations into the future.


直到现在,我总认为,我对当代艺术和时尚设计的巨大热情,来自于几年来TEDx策展人身份的自我审视。我还记得第一次站在策展人的视角陪几位艺术家看一场关于时间的展览,不同国家的艺术家用不同媒介来探索时间,在那个广阔的空间里割裂出独特唯美而引人深思的质感。也是在那个时候,在杂志上读到了巴黎的colette,说是Karl Lagerfeld常光顾且非常喜欢的一家小店,店主Sarah Lerfel自称策展人(Curator),因为她总是把最精致而与众不同的物品按照最独特的方式摆在店里,每天放的音乐也是经过她精心甄选并在网站上保持同步。她说她对策展人的理解就是,“总是出新,保持新鲜和惊喜,并赶在所有其它的前面。(Always be new, fresh, surprising – and streets ahead of the rest.)” 与此同时,在参加了美国和英国两次TED大会,去东京参加TEDxTokyo,以及与TEDxTaipei的老哥Jason交流了无数次后,我也将自己对策展的独特理解放在了TEDxFactory798里,而这也越来越像一种艺术创作,不同领域的跨界讲者,不同的排列组合,甄选挑剔,20个讲者串成的一天成了我把自身的渴望和困惑讲给世界的故事,而将毫无关系的几个人按照同一个线索连接起来也成了我最大的乐趣。我也因此重新理解了connect the dots,乔布斯口中那些生活中的偶然的点,带有禅学色彩的探索命运之源流,其实就是让每个人成为自己最好的storyteller。

而策展,只是众多讲故事方式的其中一种。因为对讲故事的热情,我开始探索关于讲故事的一切,也因为几年都在互联网行业不靠谱游走的经历,让我对技术的力量有了更深刻的理解。除了策展,我发现电影、小说、杂志出版、品牌营销、作曲、音乐会、舞蹈、新闻、时尚概念、电子游戏、社交媒体、交互设计、数字媒体艺术、实验戏剧、城市节日,或者整个内容行业本身,都是讲故事。最真实的3D特效和渲染,开始撰写新闻的机器人,与建筑物相融合的音乐,与真人紧密互动并日益带有情感的人工智能,将完整的故事打碎并用社交媒体重新建构,观众与主角日益消失的界限,充斥时代精神的声光电子的全息时装秀,将全球发生在一天的视频碎片拼接成一部完整的电影,甚至皮娜的一支舞,John Cage的4分33秒的沉寂,众包一个实时地图,或者Twitter或微博上的时间流,预示的都是一个即将被变革的讲故事的未来。

TED上有个演讲来自Brene Brown,关于脆弱,里面提到一句话, “也许故事是带着灵魂的数据(Maybe Stories are Data with Souls).” 让我想到,数据让我们发现我们的感官和直觉无法察觉且与之有悖的真实,而故事让我们在复杂混沌的数据中重新找到秩序和发现意义,数据正是那些需要被连接的点。TED另一位讲者,奥斯卡两部动画影片得主导演Andrew Stanton讲述一个伟大的故事的线索,提及伟大的故事的共同点在于富有意义,让观众在乎并引领他们的痛点,并能最后激发奇迹。


硅谷的传奇创业者和风险投资人Marc Andreessen曾经详述过内容行业的未来,让我惊叹于它的潜力和重要性。而TED本身也在不断尝试更多元的方式实现传播优秀想法和用最快的速度增加影响力,我总能惊叹于这个在我离开校园游历异国时立刻对我施加影响力直到现在长达快5年的组织的发展,不仅是故事的内容本身,它分销内容和讲故事的独特方式也改变了我,定义了我的今天。



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Thought it might be a great time to write something here—A place I have filled with nostalgia, sentiments and some significant ones to remember for a couple of years. The whole evolution of myself in this process is so remarkable that it became harder to recognize the one weeping alone secretly, and it’s also amazing to witness a resilient growth of the same one trying so hard to find what she really wants, after being failed and failed numerous times, by the loved and being loved. I have been appreciating from deep within how wonderful the world still is(and never stop being so), and how precious all these experiences are made up of randomness, destinies, uncertainties and the pure innocence of being a relentless warrior.

1. The journey
Five years ago I would always summon my guts by repeating Robert Frost’s “The road less traveled”, two years ago I read Ithaka by Constantine Cavafy to 1200 people—”As you set out for Ithaka, hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.” However, never in my life did I feel sober clear of one thing like now—voluntarily dominate my own autonomy as well as leverage the power of an entity to put a dent to universe. Yes, no one said it would be easy.

2. The desires
I might be one of those greedy whose lusts can never be fulfilled. Call it dream, or fantasy, since some of them are easy to get shattered and you’ll doubt about your whole life–I know how it feels to hate yourself and blame yourself that you are a mistake. However every time I recover consciously, learning to be smarter and stronger ultimately.
Desires are like big holes in your heart. When you are ready to let it out, there’s a big possibility that it’s a burning volcano with giant agony and deadly destruction afterwards. It’s also dangerous to mix desires and faiths together, since there’s a great difference between what you want and what you trust.
Luckily, I am fully aware of my desires and bear anxieties of them. And my faith evolves and narrows down and becomes more consistent than before. It’s risky but it’s trustworthy, and my stake is my life.

3. The fear
It turns out the thing I am scared most is mundaneness—-It’s been validated thousands of times already. The goal of life shall be controversial, be the topic of others, even half of them rail against your being. It’s when there’s no safety net backing up you, you can still stand there with pure vulnerability, as well as showcase the authentic power to be defeated by greater and greater things.
I hope I will never cease to amaze you.

Infinite Mediocrity

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Really can’t consume more info right now after watching the whole TED 2014. Every time it will disrupt my universe and value system, and this time particularly it leads me to a more fundamental level of reflections over my relation with the world. Besides the normal personal stories echoing the inner me like Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Home is writing, regardless”, Andrew Solomon’s “Forge meanings and build identity”, David Brooks’ “Lose yourself to find yourself”, philosopher Jim Holts talked about the reality–Infinite mediocrity, but deity perhaps.

I believe time goes by exponential, not by plus, that you get new understanding based on the previous one vertically, not simply added on horizontally. Last month I was dwelling on Thandie Newton’s “Embrace yourself, embrace otherness”, but now I am thinking over so deeply on mediocrity, which is the essence of the world, everything I was disdaining, composed of the world I survived, and humanity only resides on those mediocrities.

I like being a storyteller because I can upgrade a new layer of understanding, spiritually. Somehow, being too metaphysical sometimes blind your eyes to truths, or true wisdom. Still, I gradually connect it to the bigger world. There’s been strong intuition on my natural connection with “storytelling”—before I was dwelling on the obsession over curation, these months I’ve been exploring vaguely on “future of storytelling”. Now I believe it’s the “Content” and the whole industry.

Embrace infinite mediocrity and get your hands dirty, now!


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1. Embrace Otherness

Thandie Newton stood less than 1 meter on TED stage in front of me a couple of years ago, telling her powerful story—”embrace otherness, embrace oneself”. I’ve been struggling with the latter literally for a long time, but it’s just a week ago I realized the “self” issue was solved and I need to extend my arms to the world and embrace the world for the very first time. The one who isolated and separated herself voluntarily should be gone.

2. Passions

I trust connecting dots, and I found I am right now actually combining my passions on storytelling and executions on it together. The new narrative should showcase sophisticated elegance, beautiful intricacies, and true wisdom uncovered from artificial norms.

One of my dreams is to tell stories(through magazines, movies, or any other formats) to the ones, who are not only beautiful but owning sophisticated elegance, not only consciously confident but owning the strongest power inside, not only smart but owning true wisdom, like rational political views and authentic empathy.

3. Substance

Work is the only thing that gives substance to life. Substance, is meanings, is what you fill in your life, the opposite of emptiness.

4. Feel

The way I like TED is, it’s more like a game of discovering the undiscovered lust and hidden sensations. Those several sentences are the most authentic, and I will know who they are, and become friends with them because of their vulnerability, innocence and enrichment.

I also feel every stranger, every acquaintance, and start to see the old world with a fresh perspective.

你的暧暧内含光/Eternal Sunshine of Your Spotless Mind

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How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d;
–Eloisa to Abelard, Alexander Pope

你像感受自己一样感受世界的伟大与孤独,跟人物们毫无距离,与王小波称兄道弟然后痛心疾首某个点子居然他比你先想出来,模仿《红楼梦》里的花袭人唱腔抖着嗓子说那只燕儿飞走了,为了忘却的记念提笔写下318同学们今天一定要记念鲁迅笔下的刘和珍君,喝得酩酊大醉后突然说威廉·福克纳的《喧哗与骚动》把你感动得痛哭流涕,好姐妹Amy Winehouse离去时安静地喃喃道「我特别爱她,但我只是想说Oh finally…just finally」,伍迪·艾伦和昆汀·塔伦蒂诺也只是能拍好电影的两老爷儿们……仿佛所有的严肃、深刻、凝重、秩序都像苏联帝国修正主义一样土崩瓦解,最后只有我们俩穿着学士服在图书馆前扮演拉斐尔《雅典学园》柏拉图和亚里士多德,还换着手指向天空。

李一钝  8/11/09

后来偶然读到了希腊诗人康斯坦丁·卡瓦菲斯的那首诗《伊萨卡/Ithaka》,「当你启程前往伊萨卡 但愿你的道路漫长, 充满奇迹,充满发现。」虽然这个伊萨卡不是你就读的康奈尔大学所在地Ithaca/绮色佳,但其中的奇迹和发现也许却超越了故者。而你也会用Google地图算出Ithaca到北京的距离,郑重地写下,算法说两者最近的距离,中途得经过白令海峡。
半年后和你爸妈去机场接你,纽约到北京航班晚到,而你乱着头发背着大包第一个冲过来,两天后数落纽约市长Michael Bloomberg说这厮居然禁止在大街上打开可乐甁,所以一定要在北京使劲地开各种各样的甁儿仪式般的让汽水像香槟一样喷涌。再之后就是经常周末拉着我在碰巧离我家5分钟步行远的男友家喝酒,有时候神聊到透我们就席地而睡。听你说话就像观看一部快进的独立艺术电影,创伤、玩笑、白日梦、倒叙闪回、吐槽、对吐槽的负罪感、一句两句鸡汤级的古典智慧警句。一般来说,第二天你会像没事儿一样清晨能量充沛,而我便开始了最痛苦的大白天宿醉。

The year of 2013

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I’ve received lots of gifts from TED, but I’d say one of the best among all is a TEDTalk from TEDxMet, Andrew Solomon, a writer who suffered from depression and learned to combat it later on. He shared about the darkest elements of depression, but the story itself became extremely powerful at the end. He said:

I have learned in my own depression how big an emotion can be, how it can be more real than facts, and I have found that that experience has allowed me to experience positive emotion in a more intense and more focused way. The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality, and these days, my life is vital,even on the days when I’m sad….I think that while I hated being depressed and would hate to be depressed again, I’ve found a way to love my depression. I love it because it has forced me to find and cling to joy. I love it because each day I decide, sometimes gamely, and sometimes against the moment’s reason, to cleave to the reasons for living. And that, I think, is a highly privileged rapture.

This quotation might draw a perfect end of my own detachment from myself. I never treated my own depression quite seriously(It’s not that serious since I still haven’t had regular medication like Joey) until several months ago I told him how great I felt after combatting it myself—before it I just found a silent corner of my office building, sitting and crying, keeping telling myself how bad I was, I hate myself, people hate me too because I was a load of shit.

However when I look back I found I could not be more grateful for this experience—-I’ve honestly let out my feelings either by running or writing, and I’ve been defining the greatest emotions through reaching its boundaries. I’ve also learned to feel ZY from this new perspective, that all of the things make sense despite he never told me before he had depression.

I should feel lucky since I met ZY at the worst of my life, and he appreciated and inspired me from the scratches. That darkness led me to learn the essence of life for the very first time, and I myself started to run like him. I still remembered last autumn when I looked at the sky every time on the 32th floor I would imagine myself jumping into the extravagant beauty, and last winter I was so scared of the nights. Life is hard, sometimes rewarding, but most of time it’s just hard. It’s the purest despair led me to explore and struggle with finding what I truly want, fearlessly. Ultimately I suddenly realized I want to live gorgeously and substantially, just like what he told me in the last email.

After all of these life is never just a lighthearted game, but a missionary adventure with an anchor of courage. Now I am living, and I want to live to some greatest virtues of the time, either the greatest accomplishment, or the greatest love.

To the sweetest soul

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Dear Changchang,

Few people might notice your words left on the Facebook wall of Steve in late Oct–”Cant tell you how much i miss u.” Even me. I only learned it after several days you were gone when I followed your page to get some clues. These words became all I said when I put the rose near your photo yesterday, when I sent you off in your memorial service. It’s been sad since it’s the only thing I can do for you at the moment.

When I initially learned the tragedy, I became so heartbroken and cried extremely hard. You are my best memory in college and we were so true to each other. I could not be more grateful when I think of what you’ve done to me—Later I realized it’s you who trust me so much, lift me up and encourage me to follow my nature the very first time. I still remember you told me, “Hanhan, I really love you so much, you are so unique, so great.”, which really, really means a lot to me. But sometimes you can also choose to be silent, combing my eyebrows and hugging me with no words. Thank you so much, babe.

I’ve witnessed your sensitiveness, your craziness, and your desperate needs on love. You are so vulnerable and so authentic. I feel so sorry because I can only listen to your self-expression but could only offer limited solutions—I am as a big problem as you—That’s why we are besties, right?

I could not blame you like your parents—I might have done the same thing if I were you, seriously, since the situation was so similar and it made me fearless. I survived perhaps because I was stuck at some point while you are completely enlightened. Somehow maybe everything happens for a reason, when I traced back my writings on social media, it’s the second day after you are gone, I suddenly realized I should live gorgeously and substantially, and explore the answers to life as well as follow my missions on changing the world. It’s a rebirth to me.

I still remember the last time when we met. We were having wine, and that time Steve was also calling you from Yunnan. You told me you were very happy, and hugged me later asking me to understand my mom and talking to her and loving her—Perhaps you already forgot how miserable you were when you told me your unhappy childhood and how harsh you dad was on you.

Both you and your parents are my family, even beyond family when I wandered in Beijing. I promise you I will get married and have kids and do what you haven’t got time to do, I will treat your parents as my own since the divinity might ask me to try again on family things. I will love them the same way you left before.

Babe, I will miss you, toast you, cheer with you and celebrate you on my way. You will be with me forever.



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It was in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I had my first TED Conference. It was tremendously overwhelming, and later I realized where my incessant obsession over the ultimate mission of living in the world comes from. That week intensified my past exploration over the meaning of life itself, beyond the academic education of political science and economics I received from top 1 college in China, or the long journey searching for fundamental solutions to human predicament in India. I still remember at TED when I sat watching those soulful figures expressing in the greatest authenticity and confidence how they changed the world, just in front of me, I was so in awe and wished some day I could also own the stage, telling a powerful and beautiful story like them.

However, when I was so inspired by TED and the world it opened up, I found I could no longer bear the daily mundaneness around me. I’ve been truly craving for a more meaningful and impactful life and work, and it conflicts so much with my powerless existence currently. My life started to become turbulent with my questions over my job that time, a leading media and platform serving internet startups in China. I found I was lost on the role I was going to play though I succeeded at leading its brand events to Silicon Valley and Hong Kong as well as building strategy partnership with giants like Tencent and Microsoft. Ultimately I left the company, determined to go to Tibet for a while helping a blind school. At that time I just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, and believed I might be able to solve my problems by exiling myself remotely. Somehow it did not work quite well—-It haunted me that I still can’t find what I wanted. I went through a phase of overloaded distress, and later learned I shouldn’t escape from my problems but face with it, in a hard way.

Somehow I started to run, giving myself one hour every day to meditate over this simple and monotonous body movement. I gradually learned to manage my emotions through controlling my body, and I found running is like living the life, that one shall never numb neurons no matter how painful it is. Furthermore, life itself is never too light-weighted to bear a simple solution and a short answer—-I am now more willing to take pains struggling with my own autonomy, and I’ve been ready to spend an unreasonably long amount of time to find the best thing for me, despite the battle between patience and desire. It also makes me understand what Elizabeth Gilbert truly means in Eat Pray Love, that everyone should take on a journey from losing the “self”, separating the “self”, to really embracing the “self” and getting the “self” back through finding balance between the world and oneself.

Although I lost the battle with my vulnerability, it made me feel fearless. I never stopped searching and trying, and I did rediscover some wonders. I’ve been continuously breaking through my own edges—I produced more sophisticated and emotion-arousing TEDx events, I challenged myself bringing TEDx to disadvantaged groups, I started to lead truly “making” project like the first INSIDE OUT project by JR in China and script-filming for Girl Declaration documentary. Meanwhile, my continuous involvement in internet startups at Beijing led me to trust the power of technology and how it can radically change people’s lives in every way. The cross-disciplinary explorations in every way makes me more capable of distinguishing boundaries between the contrasts, but always pushing the rigid lines forward every time to promote cross-pollination collaboration.

Immersed in technology and art world, I found all innovations are disruptive, they destroyed themselves once and gained rebirth afterwards, and despite the miserable, torturing and heartbreaking process, there’s always hope that you could create something truly powerful and beautiful, like life itself. I’ve also gradually been enjoying curating, since it presents a brand-new layer of understanding to ordinary stuff, and I’ve also been amazed at how great I am at it, like when I was young I always took a painting brush sitting with canvas the whole afternoon and indulging my inspirations flowing out randomly. I found this might be the way I objectify myself to the world, and being someone disrupting and reconstructing in both art and technology, and creating meanings from them might be my nature.

Born in 1978

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It might be time to tell some stories about 3 persons who has inspired me most in the past year. One interesting fact is they were all born in 1978, 11 years older than me—What a pressure actually since I am not sure whether I will be able to reach their level in 11 years. What’s more interesting is they know each other, all through me, somehow I regret that I never had an occasion to put them literally together. They are from various fields, but some of elements intervene in each other’s realms. Plus I’ve never regarded myself as someone who’s resourceful(except once I was so amazed by my ability in searching for hosts in Tokyo, since I was pushed by Joey who kept saying “Ellen be resourceful!”, and it turned out I did not spend a penny on accommodation for my 7-day trip there).

1. Y Feng

It’s possible to be a rigorous interaction designer and wild contemporary artist. He has always treated me as an artist like him and uncovered my inner nature as well as strength in this way. It’s him who first brought the essence of “interaction design” to me and guide me exploring the unseen  souls beyond worldly doctrines.

2. Z Yong

A top scientist/engineer who’s more interested in working with artists and help them create great works with cutting-edge technology. In his mind, the best interaction ever happening is a random dance between him and an anonymous girl, since there was no rule and everything was so natural. The beauty lies in the spontaneous stuff, perhaps mistakenly, or even fucked up. And in the modern times, a director might never need a script written in advance.

It occurred to me that I might experience the most elegant moment of interaction. It’s not a dance, but it’s about love. It was awkward, but it’s so beautiful that memory lingers, never gone.

3. Z Yi

She defined happiness as sharing with people who are able to love and behave in a consistent and coherent way. That’s so true since I just realized you are not defined by what you have, but what you give and what you present to the world. Simply owning stuff while lacking of its self-expression, means nothing.

She might help me find the possibility of how a girl pursing both political science and economics degree ultimately find a way to express herself, since that’s what she did before in Europe. But she is more talented and knows what she wants earlier than me. I once said the reason I still can’t let go completely might be because I haven’t solved my own fundamental problems, like I still don’t know what I want, but I am still ambitious and fearless. She particularly liked the way I said “fearless”, and I replied, “I believe you have the same feelings before.” She smiled.

4. Me

They are not the most intimate ones. But when I talk to them, message them, or simply check up their social media status, I can feel the connections and shared aspiration. The trust in between, the courage, and even the vulnerability are so precious.It indeed gave me a new angle of looking at my own sensitiveness, spontaneity, and loads of emotions. I can still feel my strongest desire, craving for creating something authentically beautiful and powerful.